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Jeffrey Clark Puts Candidacy on the Line


Reporter: Ashley Singh l Videographer: Nick King

Jeffrey Clark, the independent candidate running for the fifth district seat, says he's willing to drop out, if whoever revealed personal information about his financial past, will step forward.

He says the informant needs to come forward by the end of the week and that he or she cannot be affiliated with either political campaign.

Clark says someone tipped a newspaper reporter about his financial problems including information that he had filed bankruptcy before and has personal debt. Clark believes Robert Hurt is behind this. He says Hurt is the only one with anything to gain from the release of this information.

"If someone will come forward and claim it and they can prove they have no connection to Senator Hurt's or either campaign for that matter, then we're willing to drop out of the race," said Clark. "I'm not saying that what Senator Hurt did was illegal. As a matter of fact, if he feels this was right, come out and embrace it, just say you did it."

Hurt's campaign office had this to say:

"Yesterday it was the tea party, today it's us, tomorrow it will be the CIA. We will not engage in Jeff Clark's delusional speculation of who done it. This campaign has always been about Congressman Perriello and his support of higher taxes, runaway spending, and a failed stimulus that hasn't created jobs. We will continue to be focused on spreading Robert Hurt's positive message of limited government, fiscal responsibility, and pro-job growth policies," said Amanda Henneberg, Hurt Campaign Spokesman.

"It's not the kind of politics that I practice. I think Jeff Clark is a good man and has a right to be heard. I don't know the history of his personal finances. He's a veteran, he's a small business owner, he's a true conservative and to me we should treat each other with respect," said Perriello.

Clark hopes people wont judge him by his past. He says it doesn't reflect the type of job he would do in Congress.

"You can come up and swing at me all day long, but come up face to face do it out front. Don't do it from behind closed doors don't do it from an anonymous point of view just stand up and do it," said Clark.

Clark says he has made progress in paying off some of his debt. He says they won't be intimidated or threatened to drop out of this race.

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