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CDBG Funding to End for Several Lynchburg Non-Profits


Reporter: Josh Farmer

Lynchburg, VA - Every year, the federal government sends Lynchburg money for projects that build and strengthen the community.

This year, Community Development Block Grants added up to more than $1 million. In the past, the city has sent a huge chunk of that to non-profits, whose missions meet the definition of community development, but as of Tuesday night, that's all changed.

Councilmembers say the decision wasn't easy, but ultimately the city has needs, and they can't meet them by giving money away. Still, it won't be easy on some local charities.

Some of the organizations receiving CDBG funding this year include Rebuilding Together ($70,000), The United Way ($10,000), and The Gateway House ($25,000).

"In small non-profits, it is extremely difficult to replace that amount of money that quickly," Lisa Dibble at The Gateway House said.

Walter Fore with the Community Development Advisory Committee said, "Moreso than ever, we need all the help that we can get."

Help comes from a variety of sources, but for years, none were as reliable as city council's generosity. This week, on a five-to-two vote, those non-profits who had relied on a steady flow of funding saw the well dry up.

"That was a very, very very difficult position," Lynchburg Mayor Joan Foster said.

"There are social needs in the community. They are needs that need to be addressed. The Community Development Block Grant funding is not the right way to do it, though," Turner Perrow, Lynchburg City Council/Ward IV, said.

Beyond non-profits, funding has gone to projects like Fifth Street and departments like the Housing Authority. Councilmembers say that's the kind of work the money was intended for, and there are plenty more to fund.

"Any of the downtown work qualifies. We could be doing new sidewalks to the schools -- especially the neighborhood schools in the downtown community. Those are all CDBG-eligible projects," Perrow said.

But, funding is still going to projects like Bluffwalk- repayment for a private hotel that continues to struggle. And, that's not sitting well.

"This is federal money that comes down every year to help those that need it the most, not those that can mostly afford it," Fore said.

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