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Burglary Surge in Danville

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Reporter: Sarah Bloom l Videographer: Nick King

Danville, VA- They've had roughly 55 burglaries in just a matter of months. Danville police say the culprits are striking all over town taking electronics, jewelry, cash, and weapons.

Just this week six teens were arrested for their suspected role in some of these robberies, but with so many burglaries to speak of, police say they're not certain they've arrested everyone who may have been involved.

It's no comfort to their victims.

"You're angry at first and then you're a little frantic because you're afraid it's gonna happen again and you feel suspicious of all people going back because you wonder, could that be the person who broke in?" said recent burglary victim Cheryl Hardy.

Eyewitnesses put burglars in Hardy's home on Chestnut Place just after 5:00 p.m.

In 15 minutes, she says they scaled a 10 foot wall, took several items, and walked right out this back door.

Police worry about the firearms the burglars have collected from the dozens of homes they've entered and how they might use them.

"You got firearms on the street to people that shouldn't have them," said Danville Police Detective Kelly Shackett. "It's dangerous. When they're breaking in, somebody could possibly be home."

Hardy was almost home but ran an unplanned errand. She worries about what could have happened, but she says it's not just her safety she worries about, it's also the future of the young people she says committed the crime.

"They're making a bad decision and it's sad on many levels. Sad for them and their families. Sad for us because of our loss," said Hardy.

And sad for Danville, she says, because attracting business to a place with dozens of burglaries, is tough.

Police say there are a few things you can do to protect yourself such as take photos of your valuable items and the serial number on the item. File that information somewhere safe in case you are a victim.

Also, don't advertise your valuables. If it comes in a box with a big picture, don't put that out for the trash in front of you home. Instead, cut it up, and put it in a bag.

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