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Sausser Farms Closes with Unpaid Debts, Unhappy Customers

July 2010 File Photo July 2010 File Photo

Reporter: Lauren Compton

Charlotte Co., VA - The popular co-op Sausser Farms has shut down, leaving many customers feeling ripped off.

Sausser Farms promised to give customers weekly produce for a share of $35.

But, the co-op was plagued with problems. Customers complained about inconsistent service, and poor quality.

Owner Harry Paul Sausser blamed drought, and promised refunds by November.

The farm has since been sold. Several defaulted loans and unpaid debts have been traced to Sausser. Records show that he was jailed in Pennsylvania for passing bad checks in 2002, and declared bankruptcy there in 1994.

Many customers we spoke with say they have not received those refunds. The farm has since been sold.

"I trusted them because I went to their website and they said they were Christian Godly people and that's what drew me in. Obviously I was scammed. I think they need to be brought to justice," Sausser Farms customer Janice Kidd said.

Kidd says she tried to get a refund, but could not reach anyone.

We tried to contact Sausser Farms, but the number has been disconnected.

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