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Perriello Concedes Fifth District Race


Reporter: Mark Kelly

Charlottesville, VA - It was a somber occasion at the Perriello camp Tuesday night in Charlottesville as the one-term Congressman gave his concession speech.

State Senator Robert Hurt beat Perriello by about four percentage points.

Despite Congressman Tom Perriello's loss, his supporters say they still want him in politics.

He assured his supporters that just because he didn't get reelected doesn't mean it's the end of the road.

He set aside politics and spoke to the people.

"This isn't about him and me. It's always been about the people of the Fifth District and they are the best people in the world," Perriello said.

The roomTuesday night was devoted to their candidate and their cause.

"My son has worked an average of about six hours a day since January for the campaign, and being a High School student I thought that was pretty amazing," Perriello Supporter Greg Shaw said.

"He thanked Robert Hurt and said he's going to help him out. I think that just kind of shows what type of man he is," Perriello campaign intern Rebecca Schectman said.

"We have seen so many people helped over the last couple of years. 18-hundred peoples' homes weatherized, reducing electric bills, helping seniors afford those bills," Perriello said.

But perhaps the most memorable part of the speech was when Perriello stood on that stage and talked philosophy instead of policy for just a minute.

"And the wisest man that I know - my father - when I got in to politics, made me promise one thing - "I would always remember that judgment day is more important than election day and that it's more important to do what's right than what's easy and that's what I've strived to do," Perriello said.

Supporters say they want Perriello in politics still.

"He's a hard worker - Tom Perriello. He's a very hard worker," Perriello supporter Idette Charlie said.

And now a former Congressman proud of district, his accomplishments and eager for a new day.

"I'm excited tonight, I'm excited about what we've done, I'm excited about what we accomplished, I'm excited about what community and this country can do in the days ahead," Perriello said.

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