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Father Fights for Son's Sports Eligibility


Reporter: David Tate

Elliston, VA - A senior wide receiver from Eastern Montgomery High School has lost his bid to officially join teammates on the sidelines in Saturday's state semi-final.

At 19, the Virginia High School League said Adam Sisson is too old to play by just 12 hours. His father says his son meets the waiver criteria, which was denied.

The issue was in court Friday, where a temporary restraining order was denied, keeping Sisson officially off the football field for good.

Adam has been on the EastMont football team through the two most prolific years in school history, but only one of those years has he been allowed to suit up.

"I'm still part of it, the team tells me... which I pretty much am. But I want to be a big part of it," Adam said.

So he does what he can to be on the team, while not being on the team. And as Adam gets his friends ready for battle, his father, Allen, is in Federal Court fighting for him.

Football is a generational thing in Elliston and equally important to both men.

"I think anybody would do the same thing for their son. I'm fighting for my son... me and my wife both," Allen said.

For years Adam has grown up with his Mustang colleagues, playing basketball, baseball and football together. Now, Adam can only sit and watch. Because he was held back in third grade because of a learning disability, Adam misses the VHSL deadline by 12-hours.

"I want him to play. He deserves to play," Allen said.

But it's because of that disability that Adam's father is in Federal Court fighting for his son's civil rights and due process.

The decision was delayed- a blow for any chance his son will once again play football.

"I'm a little disappointed. But now we don't have to worry about the team being jeopardized, so that's ok," Allen said.

Regardless of what the VHSL says, Adam, and his teammates know the truth.

"Even if I don't play I'll still be on that team as a champion," Adam said. "No matter what."

While the Sissons have been fighting this since April, they were only recently able to find a lawyer to accept the case.

Because the VHSL didn't get proper notice, the judge continued the case to next Friday.

The battle will continue for Adam's basketball and baseball eligibility during his senior year.

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