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How to Drive on Black Ice


Reporter: Mark Kelly l Photojournalist: Sally Delta Goin

Lynchburg, VA -  Do you know what to do when your wheels hit the ice? 

The snow was off the road Friday, but we've still seen weather-related accidents. Driving Instructor Ken Frederick with the Academy of Driving in Lynchburg says the cause the day after a storm is from black ice. 

The Lynchburg Police Department says 10 more weather-related car accidents happened Friday. That makes 50 total since the storm started.

With all those crashes, we stopped by a driving school to hear the rules of the road when steering on black ice.

Frederick teaches people how to drive. For him, the snow storm came at just the right time.

"Perfect timing. I'm sure everyone here is thinking about what it must be like to drive under the conditions that we had the past couple of days," said Frederick.

The lesson for Friday's class was driving on ice - black ice in particular. A challenge, he says, for drivers in Lynchburg.

"Well, it's called the Hill City," said Frederick.

"It was tough. I mean the car slides, you can't apply the brake a real lot, you got to be sensitive," said Andrew Wood, a student driver at the Academy of Driving.

"My best friend is horrible. We were driving in the ice yesterday and she was freaking out and had to pull over," said Jenn Hedges, a student driver.

For Jenn Hedges' friend, Frederick has a few tips for navigating the ice. First, stay calm. And second: Whatever you are doing with your right foot, back off of it gently. So if you are on the brakes, come off the brakes, if you're on the gas when it starts to slide, come off the gas," said Frederick.

Then, steer where you want the car to go.

The teacher knows, but how about his students? 

"You just let off the gas, don't touch the break, turn in to the slide and just let the car do what it's going to do," said Wood.

Frederick says he's pretty much right.

Frederick also says to know those basic rules for black ice, but also know every driving situation is different.

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