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Update: Amherst Co. Woman Found Guilty of Baby Abuse


Reporter: Dhomonique Ricks l Videographer: Jemon Haskins

(5:40 p.m.) Amherst Co., VA - More than a year after a baby ended up in the emergency room with severe burns, the boy's mother is headed to prison. It was a day of tough testimony as doctors went into detail about the child's second-degree burns and some older injuries.

The judge found Sadrina Busick guilty of malicious wounding and child neglect Tuesday. Now, she could spend up to 30 years in prison.

"This is the one time that we as prosecutors get to take up for those in our society who cannot take up for themselves," Prosecutor Cary Payne said.

The trial was a bench trial, meaning no jury, but there certainly was plenty of damning testimony. Prosecutors say after the burns, Busick waited between eight to 40 hours before taking her child, Angel, to the hospital.

Angel's vocal chords were burned and he had a breathing tube inserted into his trachea. A few days later, he was taken to UVA Hospital.

"She needs to be found guilty, because she was guilty," Angel's cousin Leslie Morrow said. "Whether you did it or stood idly by and looked the other way, you need to take responsibility for that."

Eight-month-old Angel was critically injured when he was admitted to the emergency room.

Prosecutors say he had head to toe injuries all from different time periods including three broken ribs and swollen black lips. One doctor said he had third-degree-burns down his throat.

"I didn't know that he went through all that until I saw the pictures, and it hurts," Angel's Grandmother Dee Shelton said.

"As a mother, how do you let that happen?" Morrow asked.

Busick's mother was on the defensive. 

"My daughter's not like that. The worst she would ever do is pop his tail and that was barely," Teresa Busick said. "She did neglect him. But she did not hurt Angel. She's a new mother."

Robert Levalley of Amherst County is serving five years in prison for this crime. Prosecutors say he poured scalding liquid on the child New Year's Eve 2009.

"And he was charged and sentenced to everything. So I don't see how they're charging her after they've done sentenced him for doing everything to Angel," Busick said.

"She was with that child from the beginning before her boyfriend came into play," Payne said.

Payne says at best, Busick is an accomplice. At worst, she did it.

"We would not have brought the charges if we didn't think she was involved in the malicious wounding of the child," Payne said.

Sentencing for Busick will be in April.


(1:15 p.m.) Amherst Co., VA - Sadrina Busick has been found guilty of malicious wounding and child neglect. She faces up to 20 years in prison on the malicious wounding charge and up to 10 years for neglect. She will be sentenced on April 12.


(11:45 a.m.) Amherst Co., VA - A bench trial for a woman accused of severely burning her baby is underway in Amherst County. Sadrina Busick, 20, has been charged with malicious wounding and child neglect. In court Tuesday morning, she waived her right to a jury trial. Prosecutors say Angel was eight-months-old when he was admitted to the ER.

Six witnesses took the stand Tuesday morning. Doctors and nurses testified he had second degree burns to his face and mouth and also had older injuries, including 2nd degree burns to his bottom and abrasions on his face. An investigator also testified Busick changed her story several times.

In December, Robert Levalley of Amherst County was sentenced to 15 years, with all but five years suspended, in this case. Prosecutors say Levalley poured scalding hot chocolate on the child New Year's Eve 2009.

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