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Second Graders Make Valentines for Chained Dogs


Reporter: Ashley Singh l Videographer: Brian Vaughan

Martinsville, VA - Valentines Day is a day to show you care for people and pets. Second graders traveled to the Henry County-Martinsville SPCA on Thursday to learn how to care for animals and to make Valentine's Day cards for pet owners who chain their animals in the hopes they'll stop.

"If you keep the dogs tied up, they'll get mean and sad but if you don't keep them tied up, they'll be happy and loved," said second-grader Alfredo Sanchez.

The hope is that these handmade Valentines will warm the hearts of dog owners in the area who keep their animals chained up.

"I hope it'll make the owner be nicer and I bet it will make the dog be happy that someone loves him," said second-grader Kaelee Walden.

SPCA director Leslie Hervey says it's about teaching the students about animal care and safety. She hopes they'll pass the message on to their parents, neighbors and other adults in the community.

"We talk about the different components that are necessary to have a happy animal and one of the components of course is a safe, warm environment," said Hervey. "I think most people want to do the right thing by their animal and may not realize how unhappy the animals are out on a chain."

"You need to try to let your dog come inside and stay with you and have a family with you," said second-grader Cameron Robertson.

Teachers say the kids are learning quickly and that a lot of what they're learning will help them with their SOL requirements.

"It brings the real world into their learning to see hey this is a part of me, this is around me, this is real life relevance learning," said teacher Kimberly Draper.

SPCA officials say residents are calling them with names and addresses of chained dogs... they plan to send those owners the Valentines along with a pamphlet of information on taking care of their dogs.

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