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LU Students Promote Day of Purity on Valentine’s Day


Reporter: Lauren Compton l Videographer: Daniel Heffner

Lynchburg, VA - For many young people Valentine's Day is a time of romance and passion. But, students at Liberty University say the holiday doesn't have to be about sex.

The Liberty Counsel and the student government are encouraging students and all young people to practice abstinence on Valentine's Day.

Some students say the decision to be abstinent isn't always easy, especially on a holiday surrounded by romance and passion.

"People like to sugar coat it, and act like it's not a struggle. But, it's a struggle for everyone," said Steven File a freshmen at Liberty University.

Organizers say abstinence is a value they promote all year round, but Valentine's Day gives them an opportunity to draw attention to the issue.

"On Valentine's Day the focus is on love, and we just want to focus that love on the future," said Amber Haskew, International Coordinator of the Day of Purity.

And organizers are asking students to wear white instead of red on Valentine's Day instead to show their commitment to abstinence. Several students also signed a pledge.

The goal is teach young people to wait till marriage, but Haskew says everyone can take the pledge.

"For some people the vow will mean a commitment of purity, and for some people it may mean a second virginity,"-said Haskew.

For LU students Dwayne Lawrence and Alicia Whitecavage the pledge means staying true to their faith.

"Yes it's challenging we're all human. But, with God all things are possible," said Whitecavage, a junior at LU.

"True love is patient that's what we learn from the Day of Purity. We learned we're supposed to be patient and wait," said Lawrence, a junior at LU.

This is the eighth year of the Day of Purity. Organizers say it's a worldwide effort to encourage abstinence and anyone can take the pledge. At 8 p.m. at the Schilling Center on Sunday the school hosted a Day of Purity discussion.


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