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Building a Well and Legacy for Anna Wright


Reporter: Mark Kelly l Photojournalist: Sally Delta Goin

Lynchburg, VA - Lynchburg College held a 5K run Tuesday in honor of soccer player Anna Wright. Wright was killed last year in a car accident.

Wright's soccer coach says she was the soul of the team. Friends say the rising senior was devoted to her team and the Lynchburg College community. On Tuesday they showed their commitment to her.

They want to buy something very unique in Anna's name, so Anna's teammates, friends, and parents took part in the Running for Anna 5K. When all the money's raised, Anna's legacy will be carried on thousands of miles away.

Those who knew Anna Wright while she was here could easily come up with 5,000 reasons why they loved her.

"Every time I saw her, she was in a good mood," said Julianne Mayes, Anna's friend.

They ran a 5K for Anna for just one reason: to raise money to buy a well like this one in Anna's name.

"I said, I think a well would be cool. That would be something she would really like, so we immediately decided to raise money for Anna's well, because we knew that would keep Anna alive forever in spirit," said Todd Olsen, Anna's coach.

Anna's dad says the well idea came from the girls on Anna's soccer team.

"The girls have been the strongest, and the most outpouring of love. Really showing the light through the darkness," said Darrell Wright, Anna's Dad.

But the team had a struggle of its own raising the $6,000 needed to build the well. Turns out raising the money was no problem at all. From individual donations, fundraisers on campus, and this 5K they raised $15,000. Enough to build not one well, but three.

"It's a good tribute to her," said Nancy Wright, Anna's mom.

And they'll build them in Uganda, where getting water can mean walking miles.

"I think the clean water they're going to have, it's going to taste better because they're going to know it's in honor of someone that we really cared about," said Olsen.

The African people may not know who Anna is. But they'll know she did good  in her time here.

Four of Anna's teammates and coach will travel to Africa in May to see the well get put in.

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