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New Vistas Students Get 'Shock'ing Lesson


Lynchburg, VA - Students from the New Vistas school got a taste of college life, and a lesson in electricity Monday.

The group stopped by Randolph College for a lesson with one of the school's physics professors.

The lesson was geared toward hands-on demonstrations.

Professor Peter Sheldon says the students learn better that way. Plus, he says, it makes learning much more fun.

"Especially electricity because you can't really see electricity that well," said Peter Sheldon, Professor of Physics Randolph College. "So when you learn about from a textbook the students just often don't get it. So, the hands on is really important in terms of just really understanding what is going on."

The students also got to play with a Van de Graaf generator. The lesson was geared around the SOL exams.

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