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Kids Learning Languages at Camp


Reporter: Ashley Singh l Videographer: Nick King

Danville, VA - Danville's Epiphany Episcopal School is immersing students into different languages and cultures during a one week camp. Teachers say the kids are catching on quickly, learning Spanish, French, even American Sign Language.

Don Webb with Epiphany Episcopal School, says the students enjoy learning about language through arts and games.

"Exposing them at a very young age, they have these nimble minds that will make them interested their whole lives in language," said Webb. 

The camp is only a five day program but school officials say in this short amount of time, they're able to ignite a spark that will keep kids wanting to learn more. Webb says the younger these kids are, the faster they will learn.

"They will find it easy at this age. As you get older languages become much more difficult," said Webb. 

Ellen Vernon, who teaches American Sign Language, says the idea is to totally immerse the students in the language and the culture.

"We try to do it for art activities we do it at lunch, when we go down for snack, we are trying to sign the foods we have; we even sign our blessing," said Vernon. 

Marie Louise who is teaching the kids French, says when you learn at an early age, you don't forget.

"To be exposed to it is just such an added bonus that nothing can ever replace that and I think it's just the worlds best gift of a parent to the child," said Louise.

School officials say they will include Chinese into their summer program next year.

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