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New High-Tech Attendance System in Appomattox Co.


Reporter:  Shelley Basinger

Appomattox Co., VA - Back when many people were growing up, it was pretty easy to duck out of high school and enjoy a skip day. 

But with new technology, times are changing.  Keeping students in class where they belong is getting easier.

Appomattox County just started testing out a new high-tech attendance system.  Call it the 21st century way of raising your hand in home room.  Officials are keeping track of their students on swipe at a time.

"Students will come into the school system, they swipe their cards and it automatically registers their time into school and their attendance," Director of Technology Brette Arbogast said.

The main goal is to hold young people accountable for skipping and keep better track of students who spend part of their day off campus at CVCC.  In a couple of weeks, offenders could start getting in trouble at home.               

"A parent will actually be notified through email or through texting that their children have either checked in or checked out of school," said Arbogast.

"I know people that have skipped before.  They get caught, and some don't get caught.  This will be a better way to keep up with it," said sophomore Cordell Elam.

Arbogast knows that not all of the student body is thrilled with the idea.

"It's just that accountability part that the kids are a little bit nervous about.  It's kind of like big brother watching them a little bit," Arbogast said.

Ask student Emily Canada, and the parent notifications aren't really the issue.

"Not really anyone has a problem with it.  It's just in the morning we have to find our cards and make sure we have them and go through the line," said Canada.

What's taking a little getting used to is being so organized so early in the morning.

Appomattox County is using the program for free through the end of the year, then they'll decide whether to buy it and make it a permanent part of the high school.

The computer company says the county is the first in Virginia to use their attendance system.

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