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Southside Volunteers Involved in 140 Volunteer Projects


Reporter: James Gherardi l Videographer: R.J. Burnette

Danville, VA - Nearly 1,000 churchgoers in Danville and Pittsylvania County will be spending their time helping others this weekend. The Pittsylvania County Baptist Association will be hosting a volunteer day on Saturday when they'll work on more than 140 projects to help those who need it most.

Volunteers will be doing everything from replacing roofs to helping the homeless. Organizers say it's one thing to preach helping your fellow man, and another to get out and actually do it.

"Our hope is to get our people out of the pews and into the community doing things and then out of that, generate more and more mission work," said Cliff Hudgins, the director of the Pittsylvania County Baptist Association.

For years, Leroy Clack preached the importance of helping others, and Sunday morning, he will be the one getting help. He'll be the recipient of a brand new roof.

"We have a wide range of ages from children, some of our preschoolers are actually going obviously with adults to Oak Grove Lodge to give the residents some gifts there," said Chuck Warnock, the pastor of Chatham Baptist.

Almost 40 Baptist churches are providing volunteers.

"Often churches seem like they're isolated pockets that do their own thing. So the real benefits for us to be doing something together that none of the individual churches could do by themselves," said Hudgins.

Volunteers will even put a 27 foot wheel chair ramp in a Chatham resident's home. For those on the receiving end, only a few simple words can describe their gratitude.

"A big thank you, because they mean so much to me," said Clack.

The churches partly provided the funding for these projects. The rest of the money came from a $10,000 grant given by the Danville Regional Foundation.

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