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Proposed Bill Calls for Ultrasound Before Abortion


Reporter: Lauren Compton | Videographer: Jemon Haskins

Lynchburg, VA – Republican Del. Kathy Bryon is once again proposing a bill that would require a pregnant woman to have an ultrasound before an abortion.

Bryon, who represents the 22nd District, says she is more confident in it this time around, calling the bill "medically responsible."

Bryon says this not about reducing abortions but rather about protecting the health of women.

Under Bryon's bill, before doctors could terminate a pregnancy, they would have to perform an ultrasound for the purpose of determining gestational age. She says that step would protect women from unsafe abortions.

"It rules out cases where we have had botched abortions and cases where we have instances where they have incorrectly estimated the gestational age," she said.

For Bryon, the mandate is more about safety. But others say the decision should be up to the expectant mothers.

"We should have personal freedom to maintain our bodies the way we want to some degree," said Miles Jackson, who's against the bill.

Bryon's bill would also require a two-hour waiting period after the ultrasound.

"Also give the mother an opportunity, a chance to consider this important life changing decision she is going to be making," said Bryon.

The bill would not require a mother to view the ultrasound, but she would have that option. Some say viewing the ultrasound could sway women's feelings about abortion.

"I think that it could definitely change someone's idea if they want to have the child. So I like the idea of them having to do an ultrasound," said Chris Papa, a student Lynchburg College.

"I think that's a good idea because you never know. Some people don't know when they get pregnant. It may be into the end of second trimester, end of third trimester," said Leslie Haskins, a student Lynchburg College.

Bryon is not the only one to propose a bill like this. A delegate from Fredericksburg has a similar bill, but his bill would require a 48-hour waiting period before the abortion.

Bryon's bill has not gone before the House yet.

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