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Southern Food With a Healthy Twist by Heather Rosenbaum


Although I grew up in Texas (and yes, I consider it to be the South,) this is the first time in my life that I have been exposed to so much Southern food.

I have always considered myself to be health conscious, but it is so hard to with all of this good-smelling, high-calorie, delicious food EVERYWHERE!! So, I have to admit I have slipped from my typical health conscious routine and occasionally snack on a biscuit instead of oatmeal or soul food instead of veggies!

How do people here ever resist?! It seems impossible! So I am starting a new routine -- consider it to be my February resolution. I am going to figure out how to make healthy, delicious Southern food. It seems impossible, but I am determined.

I think the first step will be to look on Food Network to see if they have tips. I'm sure Paula Dean will have plenty of suggestions for Southern recipes -- maybe I can replace some of the high-fat items with lower-calorie alternatives.

My first dish to conquer will be mac and cheese. That has always been my comfort food. A slight tangent: The first time I tried making mac and cheese from scratch was a total disaster. Apparently there is more to it than actual mac and cheese (I felt like the name was a bit deceptive.) Anyway, does anyone know how to make mac and cheese healthier? I am open for any suggestions! I guess I could replace whole milk with low fat -- but after that it is pretty much carbs plus dairy -- both diet killers!

Well, the next comfort food that I will try to make in a healthy way will be fried chicken. I think that instead of high calorie batter I could use bread crumbs. It won't be exactly the fried chicken that KFC makes, but it still will have a crunch. And the great thing about homemade fried chicken is you can control how much oil you are using. You can take a frying pan and put in just a bit at a time -- so your chicken isn't smothered in oil. I will keep thinking and pass along any tips I get! 


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