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County/City Health Rankings Published


Reporter: Dhomonique Ricks l Videographer: Daniel Heffner

Lynchburg, VA - How does your city or county stack up when it comes to your health? Well a brand new report is out from the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation.

In our area, some counties ranked the highest: Rockingham came in 20, Nelson 23, Roanoke 33 and Appomattox 41. 

But some of our cities did not do so great. Bedford City is 65, Roanoke 116 and Danville 118.

Lynchburg officials have been working really hard to get this area healthy. But according to the report, Fairfax is number one out of 131 counties and cities in the state. So where does Lynchburg fall on that list? We took that question to the community.

"I think Lynchburg falls about 65," said Mable Hamlette Franklin.

"I'd put it around five," said Fred Griffin.

"About 100," said Linda Carroll.

The guesses were all over the place. But the correct answer is 56.

"56? Not good," said Griffin.

"Could be better, but good for Lynchburg," said Franklin.

Since 2010, The University of Wisconsin Population Health Institute and Robert Wood Johnson Foundation have put together reports on health factors within cities and counties. Looking at Lynchburg's data, the city struggles most in the obesity category.

"In 2010 we were around 32 %, in 2011 we were at 29 % an improvement there, but now we're back to 31 %," said Leslie Hoglund, the senior health educator for the Central Virginia Health District Senior.

Hoglund says it is not all bad news.

"We did drop for 22 % adult smoking to 20 %," said Hoglund.

She also points out, Lynchburg ranks number 11 in the state for access to recreational facilities. So what is the point of all this data? Hoglund says it gives communities information they need to develop programs and policies, along with system and environmental changes to create healthier areas.

The Central Virginia Health District is already working on a applying for a program to do just that. It is called Roadmaps to Health. If they get it, they could receive up to $400,000. 

Get the county health rankings here

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