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High School's Unsung Heroes - Athletic Trainers



 This is when most of us see high school athletic trainers at work, rushing to aid an injured player.  But these men and women do so much more.  They teach classes.  

Then there's plenty of taping, treating injuries, rehab, BEFORE the games at night.  You're talking long days.

Tony Tucker, Heritage High Athletic Trainer, said "It's not for the money, if it was for the money, I'd be somewhere else."

Tony Tucker is here because he loves working with kids.  It's his ninth year at Heritage, 14th overall.

Tucker said "I feel so blessed to have a job that I wake up to in the morning and I'm happy to go to.  You know you see so many people that are just like I've got to work, I've got to work.  And I'm like I'm going to work, you know, because you're working with such great kids."

Ditto for Jen Armstrong, now in her fifth year at E.C. Glass, 10th overall.  You have to be prepared for emergencies at all times as Armstrong recalled from her first year at Glass.

Jen Armstrong, E.C. Glass Athletic Trainer, said "I had a girls basketball player who actually went into a heart condition and we had to do CPR during that first week of tryouts."

This is Steve MacCord's eighth year at JF, his 10th overall.  Like Jen and Tony, Steve loves working with kids and hopefully making a big impact on their lives.

Steve MacCord, Jefferson Forest Athletic Trainer, said "For us to be able to work alongside them and to see them improve and see their spirits come up and watch them get back on the field and excel and do everything that they want to do, there's a ton of satisfaction there."

Chip Berry, E.C. Glass Athletic Director, said "Back in the day, us oldtimers, you know WE WERE the athletic trainer, we were the coach, so you were taping before practice, you were taping before a game, you were doing all the treatment afterwards.  And you can imagine some of the skill sets as far as athletic training goes that some of these coaches had.  So these people today are just spoiled, because these athletic trainers are just god-sends to us."


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