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Mother Talks About Death of Her 3-Year-Old Daughter


Reporter: Heather Rosenbaum | Videographer: RJ Burnette

Danville, VA -- The mother of a 3-year-old Danville girl who died earlier this week is speaking out. The mother's boyfriend, Shonta Barhhill-Sherrod, 23, has been charged with the girl's murder.

Mother Chiquita Brown says she was shocked to see that her boyfriend, and her daughter's caretaker could have done this to her baby. She says that she had left him alone with all of her kids before but this is something she never would have expected.

"I couldn't do nothing but cry because I couldn't imagine getting a phone call at the hospital to let me know that my baby died," said Brown.

 Chiquita Brown remains in shock that her daughter Teliajah is dead.

"I just wish I could have did something that could have brought her back," said Brown.

Brown says she wasn't home late Tuesday morning when she got a call from Barnhill-Sherrod saying Teliajah was having trouble breathing. The autopsy shows she died from blunt force trauma. Now Barnhill-Sherrod is behind bars charged with first-degree murder.

"The way they described what he did to her, that wasn't no accident," said Brown.

Neighbors say the family seemed normal and never saw this coming.

"He didn't seem angry or upset when he came outside or when I used to see him playing with the kids. He never seemed angry or upset," said Wendy Orange, a neighbor.

But some people say they saw bruises on Teliajah and her sisters.

"Her sister said they used to beat on her but when her Mamma asked where the bruises came from they said a fall," said a neighbor.

Brown says Barnhill-Sherrod did have anger problems, but she never saw him hurt her children.

"No that has never happened before. Like I had told the people, he did have anger management, anger issues," said Brown.

Now, Brown says she can't sleep, can't eat and can't think about anything but her lost little girl.

"He shouldn't have did what he did to my child. And it hurt me through my heart to go see my child like that," said Brown.

The funeral is set for Tuesday. Meanwhile, Barnhill-Sherrod is in Danville City Jail being held without bond.
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