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Bunny Rabbits & Chicks Not Great Easter Gifts


Videojournalist: Angela Fowler

Danville, VA- Bunny Rabbits and little chicks are so cute, but should they be given as Easter gifts?

At the Danville Humane Society there are mostly dogs and cats, but there's one very cuddly bunny that's been getting lots of attention.

Humane Society officials say small animals like the bunny are very fragile creatures, and it's not a good idea to give one to a small child.

"Any shelter will tell you it's not a good idea to give live animals for Easter Pets because come summer, shelters will be getting the pets that have now grown and people don't like them anymore.  Rabbits, chickens and ducklings have very specific needs that maybe hard for most families to meet," said Paulette Dean, Director of Danville's Humane Society.

And even though chicks are popular Easter gifts, Danville zoning ordinances actually make it against the law to own poultry of any kind, unless you live in the country.

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