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Family Heading to Pumpkin Chunkin Championships


Reporter: Heather Rosenbaum | Videographer: RJ Burnette

Pittsylvania Co., VA -- A Pittsylvania County family is going to the World Championships for an activity that most folks haven't even heard of: Pumpkin Chunkin. 

They built a trebuchet, a contraption that flings pumpkins, and will compete in November for the championship. Luke, 7, and Hunter, 5, make up the team "Pumpkin Pirates."

This high-stakes, long-distance, gourd-gliding hobby has become more like a sport for the Mills family.

"Pumpkin Chunkin of course!" said Luke Mills.

Luke got the idea from the TV show, "Pumpkin Chunkin."

"I watched it at my grandma and grandpa's house on Thanksgiving, and I've been talking about it every week," said Luke.

"I always thought it was cool but I was like, 'We can't manage that,'" said Mark Mills, Luke and Hunter's father.

"He got bored of hearing me say it all the time so he decided to do it," said Luke.

So the Mills built a trebuchet, and now on the third model have nearly perfected it.

"The other two had different frames. They had smaller tubes what kept on bending," said Luke.

And since pumpkins are scarce in the Spring, they practice with soccer balls, sending them more than 100 feet away nearly every time.

"It's something we can do as a family, it teaches the kids how things work and how to build things. We try to do it all together," said Mark.

And of course, like any other sport, Pumpkin Chunkin has its rules. Before you chunk you have to shout, "Fire in the hole" and then after you say, 'Woopee."

They have seven months to practice and then they plan on winning.
 The world championship is in Delaware in November. They will compete in the 10 and under category. The last winner chunked the pumpkin 168 feet, so they have some competition.
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