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Teen Birth Rate Falls to Lowest Level in 70 Years


Reporter:  Shelley Basinger

Lynchburg, VA – According to a new government report, teen births are at their lowest level in nearly 70 years.

The National Center for Health Statistics says the number of teenagers giving birth dropped 9% from 2009 to 2010.  Researchers believe more teens are using contraception, such as condoms and birth control, or are just waiting to have sex altogether.

In Lynchburg, Presbyterian Homes and Family Services and the Family Alliance offers a program for teens who are already mothers. By looking at it, we can get an idea of what may help reduce the teen birth rate.

While nationally one-third of teen moms will have another unplanned pregnancy, they've a 100% success rate in their program. Directors say they offer a strong one-on-one support system for their teen moms, including going to doctor's appointments with then.

"There are just so many options. It can be really confusing. So to have someone help explain those things and know how to ask the right questions and advocate for themselves, is really helpful," said program coordinator Ashley Graham.

The government study also shows teen birth rates dropped across all racial and ethnic groups and nearly all states. 

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