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Help Pours in for Fire Crews


Reporter: Sally Delta

Rockbridge Co., VA - Locals have been doing their best to take care of those fighting the wildfires, and food donations have been pouring in for the crews.

They've gotten everything from Subway sandwiches, Dominoes pizza's and cases and cases of water.

So how did they get such a huge response? 

Well, all they had to do was ask.

It's a testament to just how powerful social media is.

"Once they saw it people just started donating, they didn't even call and ask what can I bring, they just started showing up," said Robert Foresman, emergency manager at Rockbridge County.

When Foresman found out his man power would be increasing, he put out a request for assistance on several media outlets including Twitter, and Facebook. He had no idea just how big the turnout would be.

"Walmart, Hardees, Arby's, PizzaHut," he said. 

Local universities pitched in as well. 

"Southern Virginia, Washington andLee, VMI, I mean they've all donated," said Foresman.

Inside Kerrs Creek Fire Department, supplies wrapped around the bay and into the kitchen. In addition to what they have in the bay area, they've got an overflow room full of food. They've got extra pretzels, fudge rounds and even more donuts.

And the timing really couldn't be better. At around 11 a.m., Hampton roads crews showed up with 33 personnel to assist.

"You have to be careful what you say, if people over hear it they'll come make it happen," said Brian Taylor, battalion chief with the Virginia Beach Fire Department.

Taylor says he's seen some unique offerings from the community in his day.

"People have brought dogs in just to let us pet them, and they set up massage tables, they donated food though... always a lot of food," he said.

They've had about 50 to 100 mouths to feed every day since the fires started and still have extra. As for all the leftover food, they'll keep it in storage to be prepared for the next disaster situation.

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