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Students at JF Hold Mock Car Crash


Reporter: Sally Delta

Forest, VA - An 18-year-old man was airlifted in Bedford County Saturday after a mock car accident. Yes, that's right. It was all a show to teach students the consequences of distracted driving.

The Jefferson Forest High School YOVASO club used real cars, real students and fake blood to simulate the car accident. It was not for real, and no one was hurt, but it did teach a very real lesson.

"You can preach to someone all day, but it doesn't mean they'll listen to you. But, if you see this and you see the trauma, it puts a different perspective on it," said Bryan Miller, president, Jefferson Forest YOVASO.

Instead of just saying 'don't text and drive,' students wanted to show exactly why you shouldn't do it.

"We've had around three teenagers die already this year not far from each other and we don't want that to keep happening, because these are our classmates and best friends and we want that to stop," said Ryan Martin, YOVASO member.

To experience it first hand, six Jefferson Forest High School students actually sat inside cars, covered in corn syrup and food coloring, while firefighters bust through the windows and cut off the hood to get to them.

"It scared me at first," said Jacob Turner, student.

"I just kept thinking the whole time, 'What if we were actually in this situation for real?' I was like, 'oh goodness,'" said Martin.

YOVASO, or Youth of Virginia Speak Out, put on the event. The students say the goal is to save the lives of teenage drivers and stop losing their friends to accidents.

"We're trying to prevent the families and friends of people to not have to go through what we've been through," said Turner.

"It's going to be a good message because it's their fellow students putting it on. It means a whole lot more coming from them than it does just us," said Corporal Ryan Hilbish, YOVASO sponsor.

Although no students were there to watch Saturday, it was all recorded. YOVASO plans to edit it all together and show it the week of prom, which is two weeks away.

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