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New Owners Honor Original 'Bill' From Pastry Shop

Case Honoring Original Owners Case Honoring Original Owners

Reporter: Sally Delta

Lynchburg, VA - Bill's Pastry Shop in Lynchburg has new owners who have created a memorial in honor of the original owners.

Inside, there's a case that was once a cooler, and instead of getting rid of it, they turned it into something very special.

Irene Miller is the Owner of The Sunny Kitchen, formerly known as Bill's Pastry shop. A lover of history herself, she decided to make the case to honor those who came before her. She says customers have responded well.

"I'm very sentimental and I wanted to just come in and freeze time. They'll come in and reminisce with total strangers and we have those people that just talk about how much they appreciate that we are acknowledging the past," she said.

Bobby Robertson remembers Bill from his childhood.

"He used to come around on the truck and deliver the pies."

Robertson says Bill would ring a bell when riding through the neighborhood to let everyone know he was there.

"It was like they do in school, ding dong ding dong, and you knew that was the pie man ," said Robertson.

"Kinda like the ice cream truck, but it was the pastry truck," said Cathy Melvin, a regular at Bill's Pastry Shop.

Two of Bill's hand bells among other artifacts are all on display in the showcase. Miller says for her, it's important to honor all of the original pastry man's hard work, and she plans to keep it here for years to come.

"For us not to appreciate the foundation that Bill laid for us would just be the height of ingratitude, you know, how ridiculous, it's just not all about us," said Miller.

The new sign for the Sunny Kitchen is only inside for now. They plan to change the name of the shop in due time, but for now they say it's important to honor the original Bill.

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