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Musicians Remember Pop Music Icon Dick Clark


Reporter: Mark Kelly Videographer: Parker Slaybaugh

Lynchburg, VA - Musicians often credit Dick Clark for getting them hooked on music. American Bandstand was must-see-TV on Saturday afternoons for many American teenagers. When we learned of Clark's death Wednesday, we set out to hear how folks here are remembering the icon.

With American Bandstand, Dick Clark brought music in to American living rooms for four decades, and helped America ring in the New Year with his Dick Clark's Rockin' New Years. Wednesday, people at Lynchburg Music Center were saddened by his death.

Dick Clark's death has rocked the music world, and touched Lynchburg Drum Coach Larry Scott. He remembers, as a kid, tuning in to American Bandstand every Saturday afternoon.

"They don't have any shows like that anymore. I mean, that was a way for kids to hear the popular songs of the day and actually see some of those bands on TV," said Scott.

Michael Hudson has a band of his own now, and says Clark's Bandstand was his chance growing up to hear a band perform live.

"As a young teenager especially, if I wanted to see a band actually perform, it was Dick Clark," said Michael Hudson.

Many divide Clark's career into two halves - the American Bandstand era and, later in life, his New Years Eve specials. They are different eras with different audiences, but Clark's TV talent remained timeless.

"He always had good camaraderie with the audience. And the bands he brought on, he always appeared to be kind of excited about all the bands that appeared on the show," said Scott.

With his boy-ish appearance, Clark never seemed to age. Now, he's gone, passing from current pop culture entertainer to icon of American music history.

"Some people you can't replace. You can't go out and say, ok, we are going to go out and replace this guy, because you can't. He had a certain personality," said Scott.

Dick Clark died of a heart attack at a Santa Monica, California hospital. He had gone to the hospital Tuesday for an outpatient procedure.

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