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Virginia Candle Company Continues to Succeed


Reporter: Sally Delta 

Forest, VA - The Virginia Candle Company is staying strong while the economy is slowly recovering. Employees are happy business is good and say the real reason for their success could be something we all learn from.

"If you think about all the important aspects of your life, whether its birth or a baptism, marriage or death, there's always a candle involved," said Michele Young, VP of sales & marketing.

You could say a candle is a candle. So what makes Virginia Candle Company products so appealing? President and CEO Jim Ramaker says he has the answer.

"It's our innovation."

He says it's their nonstop effort to come up with something original. One of their latest innovations is the ribbon wick candle.

"You've heard that old saying, ‘Candles don't burn on both ends.'Well in fact they do because this one does," said Young.

"It is like a little fire place and has a fragrance like a candle," said Ramaker.

And they say customers are loving it.

Young says the success starts way before the final product. In the office, they make sure to keep the mood positive and create a work environment conducive to creative thinking.

"We mesh really well, it's a really great team here so I would say, keep that team aspect and believe in your product and know that innovation really drives success," said Young.

"Find something that consumers want and nobody else is making, and no else has a ribbon wick, that's right," said Ramaker.

The business started in 1990 here in Lynchburg in a garage.

We will keep you updated on when the company will start the hiring process in case you are interested in working for them.

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