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Pump Patrol by Danner Evans


I enjoy shopping. I enjoy the grocery store looking for fresh fruits and veggies that are in season to cook for dinner. I love looking for a great deal on a new dress or a pair of shoes (love, love, love). I like to find a treasure for my son at the consignment shop, like an outfit with the tags still on it!

What I do NOT enjoy spending money on is gas. Filling up irritates me. I remember getting gas when I just started driving and it was 80-something cents. Swiping my gas card wasn't a big deal. Now, I want to cry when I look at the price on the pump and it reads $3.99.

I know a lot of you cringe too. That's why the ABC 13 Pump Patrol is coming to help. We'll be out at area gas stations looking to giveaway cash to help ease your pain. I'll visit a different gas station every week all month long. You can watch for the stories every Thursday on ABC 13 News at 5.

It's not winning the lottery, but it sure can help out when you are choosing between groceries, medication or a fill up this month. That's just one way we are providing coverage (and help) you can count on.

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