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The Changing Changing Room


Reporter: Sally Delta

Lynchburg, VA - Target stores are now consolidating their male and female fitting rooms into one co-ed dressing room. 

The change is all part of a remodeling process. If you've been in the store lately, you may have seen all the construction. And, locals we've talked to have mixed feelings about changing their changing room.

When you're stripping down, buttoning up or zipping up, how close is too close for the opposite sex?

"When I go shopping for clothes, I just go with my sisters and friends. And we're just sitting there talking about, 'Well that looks good, that looks bad, do I look fat?' You know, that kind of thing, and you don't want the guys over there. I mean, oh my gosh," said Cindy Babb, Target shopper.

Target Shopper Cindy Babb says the more distance the better.

"You like to do your 'girl thing' and just shop around in your girl section, so I like having it separated and in its own little zone," said Babb.

But not everyone agrees. Amanda Moon doesn't see what the big deal is.

"You just get in, change and get out," said Moon.

"It wouldn't be a problem as long as it was monitored," said Moon.

Some say it's a sign of the times and expect this type of change will keep happening.

"I guess that's just how it used to be. My grandparents used to tell me about how they used to have separate beds in movies and stuff," said Antonio Miller.

So we've come a long way since the I Love Lucy days, but some shoppers like Babb need a little more time before warming up to the idea.

"I would probably just buy what I like and then come back and return it later if it didn't fit," said Babb.

"I mean, who really cares? It's not that big of an issue. We've got other stuff to worry about," said Miller.

We were hoping to get a statement from Target headquarters as to why they decided to make these changes. But, Target says they'll have to get back to us on that one.

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