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The Hidden Work Out by Heather Rosenbaum


I have to admit, one of my favorite and least favorite things to do is work out. I love it while I am doing it and I love it afterwards, but sometimes it is just hard to get off the couch.

But I have discovered one of my favorite new ways to get an amazing work out (just before summer time) in Danville: it is boot camp. I don't know if you have ever tried it, but it will put you in shape quickly! Unless you know where to look, you may not have ever heard of it! But it is a high-energy, tough class. The class usually consists mostly of weight lifting, but in unique ways. The instructor uses strength-building routines that I have never even tried before. But I am warning you now, be prepared to be SORE!

The class I go to is located on Craghead Street in Danville. It is rigorous, tough and very fun. I have met some great people there and heard some very inspiring stories. Plus it is pretty cheap at $10 per class! What I love most about it, is there is a whole "underground" boot camp society in Danville. As I said earlier, you likely don't know about it, I certainly didn't for a while. 

I have found that the instructor encourages and pushes you, which is something I need. I will never push myself unless I have competition or someone else telling me to do more, and boot camp has both. I would recommend it to anyone. What is also great about the class is anyone can do it. They work with your strength and level. So if you are tone and hitting a plateau, or you need a little more attention, you will find it in boot camp. So for all of you pre-beach bums, try to class out... it may be something you really love!

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