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Beale Treasure Legend in Bedford Co.


Bedford Co., VA - People have also come from all over the world to search for the Beale treasure in Bedford County.

This Virginia legend starts here at Buford's Tavern, in 1820. That's where a man named Thomas Jefferson Beale left quite a gift for a friend: a box that was to be opened 10 years into the future.

The story goes - 25 years later, the man opened the box finding three ciphers. One described a buried treasure containing gold worth dozens of millions of dollars today. But no one has solved the other two or found the treasure though they keep trying.

"Probably thousands have gone out there. I know of probably at least several hundred since I've been here, and I've only been here about 5 years. So there's people all the time that are trying to solve the mystery of the Beale treasure," said Jennifer Thomson, genealogical librarian at the Bedford Museum.

In 1885, the Beale Papers were published detailing the story and leading a lot of treasure hunters here.

Even code-breaking experts with the FBI and CIA have tried to solve the other ciphers.

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