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Hearing on Posting of Ten Commandments


Reporter: David Tate

Giles Co., VA - A motions hearing wrapped up Monday evening in federal court in Roanoke pitting Giles County against the ACLU over the posting of the Ten Commandments in schools.

It's the final chance the two sides have to persuade a judge of their argument before the case heads to trial.

After hearing nearly three hours of arguments, Judge Urbanski now has to decide whether to dismiss the case as Giles County wants, or if there's enough evidence to find against the district before heading to trial.

The issue right now is whether the presentation of the document that is currently hanging in Narrows High School, along with more than a dozen other documents, is historical or religious.

The judge says the key to the case is whether the district has assimilated world religion into the curriculum, which could potentially allow for the use of the commandments as a historical document. Another possibility tossed around is whether an edited version of the commandments would be acceptable.

One key Giles County supporter says whatever the judge decides will be acceptable.

"That's their decision. I wouldn't edit them. I wouldn't edit it, them but if that's the decision they make, I abide by law," said Pastor John Wilburn.

Urbanski was hopeful the two sides could come to a compromise and sent them into mediation earlier. If no compromise can be found, expect the judge to render his decision on Monday's motions by the end of the month.

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