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Danville Police Gets New Technology


Reporter: Heather Rosenbaum | Videographer: RJ Burnette

Danville, VA -- The Danville Police Department has a new way of tracking service calls by using state of the art technology. They say it's helping them make better decisions about fighting crime. 

They say this technology is not new, but it is new to the Danville Police Department. They are very excited to have it because it replaces a outdated, expensive and inefficient older system. 

Danville Police say a new software program is making the department better.

"Working smarter not harder," said Chris Wiles with the Danville Police Department.

The program shows a map of Danville by service calls.

"This is information we've always had but the ability to geographically identify and access it quickly...makes the information much more user friendly," said Wiles.

When dispatch receives a call, the incident will be tracked onto this heat map. Officers can find patterns and one day, they'll be able to predict future crime trends.

"These tools that data can be analyzed almost instantly, can show us points, can show us patterns, can show us trends. And we can use that information to help us best direct our officers," said Wiles.

The colors represent the number of calls, red being the most frequent and white being the least.

"Hot red being associated with hot gives us a visual representation of calls for service within the area," said Wiles.

The system lets them look back through three years of data, pin-pointing calls to an exact address.

"There is some degree of ability for us with hope that we can use this information to prevent crime, not just respond to it," said Wiles.

It's important to remember that this map only shows calls, not necessarily crimes. As of right now, the technology is only available for supervisors, but they hope to have all officers using it and even put it in cop cars by next year.

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