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Pump Patrol: Week 3


Reporter:  Danner Evans l  Videographer:  Jemon Haskins

Appomattox, VA – ABC 13 Pump Patrol is taking a road trip this week and helping folks at the gas station with their fill-ups. Even though prices are thankfully falling, a lot of you still need a leg up.

In Appomattox, they're fired up at the pump.

"It's a killer," said driver Larry Danner.

"It's pretty tough. I call it liquid gold," Jamal Hamlet told ABC 13 News.

"Right here in Appomattox it seems like they just trap you here in the prices," said Larry Rakes.

We're trying to forecast the prices for you with the help of gas guru and Lynchburg College economics professor Joe Turek.

He's had nothing but good news so far - week, after week, after week, prices keep falling.

"Just Tuesday the delivery for crude in June fell to $97 a barrel," Turek said. "The price of crude has continued to decline. The price of gas at the pump is also declining. "

Gasbuddy.dot.com shows the average in Virginia this week is down to $3.62 – and it was even better at the pumps in Appomattox.

We still have economic problems in Europe to thank for the drop -- but also troubles here at home.

"We just found out that the number of jobs created in the US was dramatically less than had been predicted," Turek explained. "In the short run the slow rate of job creation will lead to a decline in demand domestically."

But Turek has his eyes on the long term too, watching the gas prices you'll face when it's time to go on vacation.

"The government's energy information administration is predicting over the summer that prices will stabilize at $3.79 so that would suggest they are expecting a slight upward tick in prices as we move through the summer," Turek said.

That's why ABC 13 and Kroger are getting out there and giving out $50 every week this month to help you fill up.

OPEC is now stepping into the picture. Turek said In Saudi Arabia, the largest producer of oil in OPEC, their oil minister has come out saying they think oil prices are too high and they are advocating for an increase in production. If the Saudis are able to push OPEC to more production that should drive prices down even further.

We'll catch you again next week at the pumps -- and you can check out gas saving tips and the lowest prices in your area right here

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