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VT Triplets Will Go Separate Ways After Graduation


Reporter: David Tate

Blacksburg, VA - For the past 22 years, the Chegin triplets have done everything together. And that includes the exact same schedule at Virginia Tech where the young men are set to graduate Friday.

Friday is also a new beginning for the Chegin triplets because they didn't get the same jobs.

Except for the three minutes that separated the birth of the Chegin triplets, these young men have virtually done everything in life together. And even though they also share a vehicle, they don't share everything.

"Sometimes I have to bite the bullet and take one for the team, you know. Go stag one night, you know?" said Chris Chegin, who was born third.

Now after four tough years, each member of the Chegin team will graduate with the same engineering degrees on the same day.

"That's the cherry on the top. To say not only did you get an engineering degree, but you got it with your brothers. They were there for the ups and downs. We pushed through and got it together," said Mike Chegin, born first.

The advantage they've had since arriving on campus was a natural one.

"We were born a team. That's how we like to phrase it. It's been fun, it's been quite a ride being a triplet for sure," said Matt Chegin, born second.

But it has now run its course as the three men have taken three different jobs in three different states. One would think the separation would be tough, but they say it won't be.

The Chegins all agree that after 22 years, it's time to be one over three.

"We're going to use this time to focus in on our personal development and from there if we want to meet up 5-10 years down the road I think we can naturally come together. You know, we are naturally a team so I think the sky is the limit for us," said Mike.

As for the project part of their studies, the Chegins applied engineering to the Virginia Tech football team to help make practices more efficient. They also put together a study that is helping the marketing department identify where Tech's main bases of support are. That information is being used to increase university bowl ticket sales ultimately helping to avoid ticket sale losses.

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