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Vets Advise: Try and Check Pets for Ticks


Danville, VA - Experts say our warm winter is making for record numbers of ticks. Pets are extremely susceptible to tick bites, so vets are warning make sure you check your dog or cat thoroughly.

They recommend after every trip outdoors, you pat down your pet thoroughly running your hands along their body to feel for bumps. If your pet shows any symptoms of Lyme's Disease, or you find a tick, you can also bring them to the vet to be checked out.

There are also a lot of products aimed at reducing the risk for your dog or cat.

"Frontline is a great product, and you can use that on both cats and dogs. Another one is certifect, it's also made by the frontline company. And what it does is, it has a chemical in it that makes the tick move around a lot faster and that causes them to die quicker," said Desiree Hunt, a veterinary technician.

Most monthly treatments will run you anywhere from $30-$60.

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