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House Break-In After Fatal Accident


Reporter: Heather Rosenbaum

Callands, VA -- The Pittsylvania County Sheriff's Department is looking into a break-in after a man killed in a car accident earlier this week had his home robbed the night he died.

On Monday, state troopers say 63-year-old Michael Eanes pulled his truck out in front of a Pittsylvania County deputy on Route 29. Eanes died at the scene. Now, his family is fighting for answers to find out who robbed his home that night.

Just a day after Anita Eanes found out her father died in a car accident, she got another call with more bad news.

"That made me feel extremely nauseous when I heard it because I was like, 'Yeah right, it can't be true,'" said Eanes.

Her father Michael Eanes' home in Callands was broken into and robbed just hours after his fatal accident.

"This is just ridiculous. He hadn't even been dead 24 hours when this happened," said Eanes.

"It's bad enough that the family having to go through what they are going through and then having this on top of it right away," said Brian Dowell, the son-in-law.

The Pittsylvania County Sheriff's Department says a small TV, some cash and a suit are missing from his home. But the family says that's not all. They say a gun and two fishing rods are also missing.

"The suit is what bothers me more than anything because that's what he wanted to be buried in," said Eanes.

"I think he would be extremely mad to know that somebody broke into his home," said Dowell.

The family suspects someone close to Michael took advantage of their situation, stealing his favorite items.

"For somebody that just died and it don't belong to them, that's just wrong all the way around. It's just really wrong," said Eanes.

Since Michael can't return to his home, they only hope that his possessions will.

"It's just terrible, it's terrible. And I wish whoever did it, you ain't even got to tell your name, just take the stuff back to the place," said Eanes.

The Pittsylvania County Sheriff's Department does not have any suspects right now but are still investigating. If you have any information call their office at (434) 432-7931.

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