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Brookville Thrower Beating Odds


Campbell County -

Region 3 Track and Field is Saturday at Turner Ashby.
         Brookville discus thrower Diamond Calloway qualified on her LAST ATTEMPT at the district finals.

Diamond Calloway, BROOKVILLE SENIOR THROWER, said "I wasn't expecting it at all.  I mean I was going up there like hey, last hurrah, let's go.  I mean I didn't expect it at all.  But it surprised me, I was sitting there and I was like what!"

Diamond has truly gone the extra mile to get there.  She's had to wear a brace on her left foot since birth to straighten it, then about five years ago had her RIGHT FOOT amputated due to infection.  

Diamond said "People now, me and my mom and my dad and everybody joke around, well your left foot's your good foot now."

Diamond walks with an artificial leg attached about halfway down her calf.  It's been tough, but as she says, nothing compared to some of her fellow patients in Charlottesville.  

Diamond said "I had a couple of roommates, you know, she was drawing, she put a pencil in her mouth and she was drawing and I was like oh my God.  She can't even more, why am I sitting here, you know, feeling bad about myself."

Diamond's determination and never say quit attitude have been an inspiration for many.

Diamond said "They tell me that all the time, like grown people come up and tell me that and I'm like oh, OK.  I mean I'm kind of humble, I don't like that much attention on myself."

Another thing she doesn't like, sitting around.  She's got to be doing something.

Diamond said "I break the foot a couple of times, crack it a couple of times because I'm so active.  But other than that, I'm good."


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