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Failing Road Threatens to Cut Off Nine Families


Reporter:  David Tate

Bedford County, VA - Nine homes in a private Bedford County subdivision are in danger of being cut off from everything as the one road leading to their homes is about to wash away.

To make matters worse, few people who live in there have the money to help get it fixed.

Del Sprinkle is in a bind. As the guy in charge of taking care of the road in the private subdivision he lives in, he doesn't know what to do about the gaping hole in Meadowlark Lane that will only get bigger sooner than later.

"We've got a big problem and we came down here and found this where part of it actually washed out," said Sprinkle.

With one of the two pipes collapsed it's just a matter of time.  The problem is, the repair job is estimated to be more than $40,000.

Sprinkle is having trouble getting nearly half the 50 member community to come up with an already inadequate $75 road fee, per year, that is part of the community by-laws, let alone getting everyone to tackle $40,000.

It's not good news for Joyce Addair, who's in one of the nine homes which will be cutoff when the road collapses.

There's doubt emergency crews could even get to her if needed at this point.

"Well, I don't have any other way out so I'm kind of stuck here with nothing," said Addair.

That's Sprinkle's bind. The road is private property, and it's hard to ask for help when a whole community won't, or can't help itself so he's hoping for one thing.

"Humanity. Just caring about your fellow people. I mean this country has always helped out people in other countries when they need help. Why can't we help each other," siad Sprinkle.

Because it is private property VDOT has no responsibility nor does the county, which is leaving Sprinkle to try to rally a community that is divided over exactly what each residents' responsibly seems to be.

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