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Local Reality Star Talks About New Show


Reporter: Heather Rosenbaum | Videographer: Jonathan Merryman

Martinsville, VA -- A Southside native is becoming a celebrity as a main cast member in an upcoming reality TV show. The Style Network has created "Chicagolicious," a sister show to Jerseylicious.

From small town to the spotlight, MaCray Huff has gone Hollywood - Chicago style.

"They interviewed I think they said 200 or 300 people and different salons all throughout Chicago. And they ended up with the best," said Huff.

Huff grew up just outside of Martinsville, then moved to Chicago to pursue his passion of hair dressing at AJ Johnson Salon. Now this Southside native will be on televisions across the country on "Chicagolicious."

"They focus a lot on our talent and they focus on our lives. So it just all balances out," said Huff.

While he claims the hours were grueling, the material seems endless.

"I can't tell everything but they got real personal with my life. They are going to have my mom on the show. It got very personal with me and a few of the other cast members," said Huff.

Behind the scenes, Huff says they didn't prep them, so they show their real personalities.

"I'm just me. I'm going MacRay all day. My Southern charm I guess you could say. AJ calls me the Southern Bell of the salon," said Huff.

Huff has to wait and watch to see what will be featured, but says you can count on drama, entertainment, and of course his soon to be famous catch phrases.

"My favorite one, I'm always saying, "Owwww". Like if I like how somebody looks, I'm like 'Owwww' you know, somebody be like 'Hey MaCray' and I'm like, 'Owwwww how you doing?'" said Huff.

The show premieres June 11 on the Style Network.

Learn more about Huff on his website.


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