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Brooks Food Group Closing in Bedford


Reporter: Sally Delta | Videographer: Daniel Heffner

Bedford, VA - Brooks Food Group on Orange Street, formerly known as Golden West Foods, is set to close on Friday, according to a warn notice filed with the Virginia Workforce Network.

Brooks officials have not confirmed anything yet, but Wednesday they released a statement saying they are undergoing some setbacks and that could involve the sale of the plant.

The closure affects 119 employees.

"It's just devastating that all these places are shutting down," said Debbie Tibbs, a Bedford resident.

It's devastating not just for those soon to be out of a job, but for the whole community.

"A lot of our customers work at Brooks and with them going, that's going to put a damper on our business as well so it affects everything. One places closes it affects everyone else in a major way," said Jeri Jackson, a Bedford resident.

Brooks Food Group is a supplier of frozen foods to multi-unit restaurant chains. In a statement released by the company, it states the reasoning for the shift in business as "competitive prices and the loss of a major account."

"It's a very competitive business, peoples taste's change and there's different trends and different kinds of foods being developed every day, so it's extremely competitive," said Charlie Kolakowski, Bedford city manager.

The statement also stressed how distressed the company's owners are and add that they're currently looking for a successful resolution.

"To have my friends be out of a job and they have to search and they have to go through all of this… there are no jobs around here so they're going to have to travel or unemployment kicks in," said Jackson.

"These people are our friends and neighbors so it really hits home when there's a potential closing like this," said Kolakowski.

Kolakowski says they're already working with the state to provide assistance for those affected whether that's for retraining to get them back in the workforce or helping them file for certain benefits.

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