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Lower Gas Prices Help Southside Locals


Reporter: Heather Rosenbaum

Danville, VA -- According to GasBuddy.com, the lowest price in Danville is $3.08, which is a huge difference from just a few months ago

Lots of happy drivers came to fill up their tanks as gas prices continue to drop.

"We can use a step ladder now they say instead of a 6 foot ladder to change the prices because they are not nearly as high," said Lawrence Woodson, owner of Woodson Marathon.

Everyday drivers take advantage of the difference: As costs go down, summer plans soar.

It helps a whole lot with the gases down you are allowed to go a little more to town and shop and eat out," said Cindy Dixon, a Danville resident.

"I can go more. I can do that instead of sitting around the house looking at the TV," said Berkley McDuffie, a resident.

And they are not the only ones. Woodson notices an increase in his sales.

"People's habits change a lot when the prices go up. They will spend 5 or 10 dollars two or three times as opposed to filling up their tank," said Woodson.

It all comes full circle.

"If they are driving more their cars are going to need more oil changes, more tires, more breaks, so every aspect of it. Once they can get them out and moving it's got to help in every other feature of it," said Woodson.

Plus, organizations like the Boys and Girls Club get to use their funds differently when it doesn't all go towards gas.

"With the gas prices going down, we are able to use the money that we have donated to us to put towards other programing for the summer," said Debbie Sparks, resource development director.

Lynchburg's lowest price stands at $3.13 and Roanoke's is at $2.98. People say they're happy, but they want more. Everyone is hoping to see the trend continue and get even lower by the end of the summer.

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