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Electric Cars & Bikes Make First EV Fest a Hit


Video Journalist: Angela Fowler

Danville, VA- Electric cars, bikes and trikes were all on display Saturday at the Danville Science Center.

The EV Fest, which stands for electric vehicle, was the first of its kind in the Danville area and people were eager to learn about the latest technology.

The need to find cheaper forms of transportation is intriguing, and cars and bikes like these could one day be the norm.

There are possible advantages of making Danville an e-bike city. One high powered bicycle has caught the attention of The Police department and earned the nickname "Batman Bike."

"This is the black bike the Danville Police department is going to review this summer and it is a 750 watt bike, which is the one I've fortunately been able to review for the past couple of weeks. And it is a lot of fun," said Stephen Wray, a DCC Instructor.

They say the bikes require very little effort from the cyclist and make an uphill ride much easier.

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