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Cowboy for a Cure Rides Through Southside


Reporter: Heather Rosenbaum

Pittsylvania Co., VA -- A man with a horse and a cause has made it all the way to our area from northern California. Johnny Warnshuis calls himself the Cowboy for a Cure.

He started his journey a year ago March, now 3,800 miles later, he has been through 13 states and spread awareness of a cause that has a very personal meaning for him.

"Doesn't everybody want to ride their horse across America?" said Warnshuis.

Warnshuis found a good reason to after his mother was diagnosed with Guillain Barré syndrome.

"It's an immune deficiency disorder. There is no known cause. It attacks the peripheral nerves or your nervous system," he said.

Warnshuis wanted to spread the word in his own way.

"A lot of people walk, a lot of people ride bicycles, I just thought it would be a little different, try to ride my horse across country to make the biggest scene as I can, and raise as much awareness as I can," said Warnshuis.

So Warnshuis became the Cowboy for a Cure. Even relying on the kindness of others to take him in and help him out.

"I got a phone call about two weeks ago, my niece knew I loved horses and I have some...they called and asked if we would take care of them," said Johnny Duncan, who is housing Warnshuis.

"We were quite anxious to help him any way we could," said Jim Jennings, also housing Warnshuis.

Warnshuis only rides about 20 miles a day. But as he picks up the miles, he also collects charities to support, boasting more than a dozen foundations linked to his website.

"I started out with $40 in my pocket, no unemployment, no disability, not even food stamps. Now giving back to charity, I am a firm believer in you get what you give," said Warnshuis.

His final goal is to make it to Times Square in New York.

Get more information on Cowboy for a Cure's website
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