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Dugout Canoe Displayed at Batteau Festival


Reporter: Jessica Young l Photographer: Ira Quillen

Lynchburg, VA - Visitors of the Batteau Festival in Lynchburg this weekend will see a neat bit of history.

The Dugout Canoe created by John Rothert will be on display. This year it won't touch the water like it has in the past.

Festival goers in the early 90s may remember Rothert taking the Canoe down the James River. Rothert based his canoe off the one found in Jamestown in 1963. He soon found it was easier said than done.

"He told me it was made with a mix of hand tools. Then they had to get out the chain saws because it was such a monumental project to do," said Doug Harvey, director of Lynchburg Museum System.

The massive artifact is 27 feet long. It has to be lifted by crane for display in Percival's Island Parking area.

You can see it Saturday from 9 a.m. – 3 p.m.

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