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Red Light Cameras Could Be Installed in Amherst Co.


Reporter: Sally Delta

Amherst Co., VA - The Amherst County Sheriff's office wants to crack down on drivers that run red lights.

Officials is requesting red light cameras be installed at two of their problem intersections. That way, if you run a red, it takes a picture of you and later you get a ticket in the mail.

Deputies believe these cameras will do two main things: Reduce the number violations and in return reduce the number of collisions.

But drivers have mixed feelings about the whole thing.

It happened to Bill Zimmer driving through Charlotte, North Carolina. He was caught by the camera.

"It had a picture of a wide enough angle that you could see the light, the color of the light and your vehicle in the intersection with your tag number," he said.

He paid roughly a $60 fine. Zimmer says getting that in the mail has kept him from running through another light.

"It'll make everyone more aware and stop zipping through intersections," said Zimmer.

That's exactly what the sheriff's office is hoping to accomplish.

"We have a large amount of accidents in these heavily travelled areas in the county," said Lt. Greg Turner with the Amherst County Sheriff's Office.

Turner says Redflex Traffic Systems did a study and found the Route 29 intersections at Seminole Drive and the Lowes were the two worst.

"I've been shopping at Lowe's before and actually had to wait at the light when it turns green to avoid being hit," said Turner.

The survey specifically at the Lowe's intersection showed that within a 12 hour period 44 drivers ran a red light.

A plus - Turner says the cameras will not cost the county anything.

"If the system doesn't pay for itself they (Redflex) will eat the negative part of it."

Turner says the county attorney is reviewing the contract. The board of supervisors will have to approve the plan for it to go forward.

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