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Amherst County A.D. Gouldthorpe Retiring



Today we're spotlighting not just one group, but a man who's helped guide all of Amherst County's teams the past 28 years and before that nine years at Nelson County.
               William Gouldthorpe, or "Goldie" as everyone knows him, is retiring at the end of next week as Amherst County High School's Athletic Director.

William "Goldie" Gouldthorpe , RETIRING AFTER 37 YEARS, said "it was very, very difficult because I still love it, I still have the passion."

And those who work with Goldie know it's that passion and total  dedication that makes him so good at what he does.

Cecil Phillips, AMHERST COUNTY FOOTBALL COACH, said "He's just been a tremendous asset here and his work, his work ethic is head and shoulders above anybody else I've ever been around."

E.C. Glass Athletic Director Chip Berry says Goldie has been a mentor to him and everyone in the Seminole District.

Chip Berry, E.C. GLASS ATHLETIC DIRECTOR, added "He updates the handbook that we have, he probably wrote the thing first, but he periodically updates that.  He does all of our district scheduling.  And if there's ever any rules question, any VHSL question, I know I can always call Goldie."

And that probably won't change.  Even though he's "officially" retiring, Goldie plans to VOLUNTEER his help when he's needed.  He loves his job, the students, athletes, coaches and administrators.

Goldie Gouldthorpe said "It's a total family thing, and I guess to sum it all up, it's being around the Amherst County community.

Goldie plans to keep going to all the games and plays and concerts and recitals at school.  And the folks at Amherst and his colleagues wouldn't have it any other way.

Chip Berry said "It's like a Brazilian soccer player, they're known by one name.  Goldie is probably the only A.D. you can call Goldie and everybody knows who you're talking about."

Goldie admits he's a person who loves to stay busy, but there is one thing about his job he won't miss.

Goldie Gouldthorpe said "At 11 o'clock or 1:30 in the morning, getting a telephone call and the alarm has gone off (laughter)."

 Goldie looks forward to spending more time with his family, including grandchildren.  Congratulations on your semi-retirement! 


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