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New TSA Screening Technology in Roanoke


Reporter: David Tate

Roanoke, VA - The Roanoke Regional Airport has a whole new approach to passenger screening. It's a new type of advanced imaging technology that many say is the perfect balance between security and privacy.

This new system still allows screeners to look beneath your clothing. They just don't get to see the stuff most of us would rather not show.

It's a new take on advanced imaging many thought showed way too much.

"That was intrusive. Didn't care much for that. That was going too far," said Barry Martin about the old scanning.

Lynchburg's Martin used the new system last week in Atlanta.

"I felt very comfortable doing that. I don't mind that type of examination that way. That's fine."

It's the enhanced version of a technology that caused quite a stir by allowing screeners to actually see passengers' private parts while screening for other things.

"That software, called Automatic Target Recognition, has gotten rid of the image associated with Advanced Image Technology. When you go through this unit at Roanoke Regional Airport, no one is going to see an image of your body," said Kawika Riley, a TSA spokesperson.

To show us how the new Advanced Imaging Technology works, the TSA arranged for agents to go through the process for the cameras.

Passengers empty their pockets as they should get the green light. Those that don't get flagged for a more thorough search.

The device can pick up all material - metallic and non-metallic alike - just not enough to leave passengers blushing.

"I have been through the pat-down process and I do not like it at all. So, to me, this is a much better alternative," said Denise Bailey, a traveler.

The TSA says these machines vary in price but puts this particular machine at a cost of about $150,000.

As of right now, there is no date set where this same technology would eventually be introduced to Lynchburg.

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