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7-Year-Old Giving to Others on Her Birthday


Reporter: Sally Delta

Forest, VA - A 7-year-old girl from Forest has a special birthday wish. She wants her guests to give to help others, and the community is rallying around her goal.

It was a day like any other when Jaylee Everhart-Wharton was watching the Disney channel. Then a commercial came on about a girl giving away shoes to orphans for her birthday.

"I was like, ‘Mom, I want to do that,'" said Jaylee.

In tears, she ran to tell her mother.

"Jaylee came downstairs and just balling, you could see the emotion inside of her and she said she wanted to give to someone for her birthday," said mom Jayne Everhart-Wharton.

Wharton was determined to make it happen. She started looking around and found the Karen Burmese Refugee Group in Richmond, which seemed to be a perfect fit.

"They really enjoy playing soccer and reading books and their parents can't afford the extra," said Wharton.

Jayne told her church and local bookstores about her daughter's birthday wish, and they responded. So far 17 soccer balls and 67 books have been donated.

"I want to help them, they don't have stuff that they really want," said Jaylee.

Wharton says she's noticed her daughter's selfless and giving nature in the past and believes she truly is something special.

"It's just the way she talks to people, I mean she's precious, she lights everybody up at church, when she comes in everyone just hugs her, she gleams," said Wharton.

Jaylee already has plans to do the same thing next year on her eighth birthday.

"If they're sick, I want to help them," said Jaylee.

Jaylee is throwing her birthday party Saturday. She asked her friends to bring more books and soccer balls instead of getting a gift for her. On Monday, she'll present the gifts to the children in Richmond.

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